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2 Most Sought After Features of Windows and Doors in Florida

Man reading newspaper at kitchen tableDesign, whether it’s fashion, interior, architecture or technology, is never constant.

However, one thing stays the same, what the customer wants is always the driving force of a new design.

Present culture has shifted the way consumers choose the products and companies they buy from, focusing on quality and sustainable materials produced by responsible companies.

Consumers want the whole package...that goes beyond aesthetics and price point.

Window and door manufacturers and dealers have to incorporate the following elements in their designed products to remain competitive:

  • Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Price point
  • Features
  • Technical performance

2 Most Sought After Features of Windows and Doors in Florida

In Florida, homeowners have specific attributes they expect from their windows and doors, which is why the two most sought after features of windows and doors in Florida are:

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Storm protection

#1 Energy Efficiency

Florida is the sunshine state. With that nickname, it’s also known for harsh heat in the summer and energy bill spikes.

Fortunately, there are modern advances in technology that have allowed homeowners to easily regulate their temperature and reduce their energy bills during the summer heat.

One way is to invest in a Nest Thermostat to help automate and regulate your HVACs energy consumption.

Another way is by installing energy efficient windows and doors. EAS manufactures several customizable window and doors, with multiple  features and styles, that meet your comfort and lifestyle needs, such as options like tints or low-e coatings.

#2 Hurricane Protection

Florida doesn’t always have sunshine, though. It has its fair share of cloudy days, especially during hurricane season.

Homeowners are too busy to spend their time and resources on boarding up their windows and doors moments before a hurricane comes through, just to take it all down a few days later.

That’s one of the main reasons why hurricane protection is another highly sought after window and door feature for Florida homeowners, and why EAS has an entire Bertha line of products designed to withstand the harsh impacts of hurricanes.

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