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5 Energy Efficient Window Replacements

Picture-Window-Aluminum-3000-series2-7-3There’s no doubt you’ll save money and energy when you update your windows with energy-efficient replacements! 

“One thing’s for sure: leaky, aging windows on your home aren’t doing your utility bills any favors. Single pane windows just can’t beat the energy performance of quality double pane energy saving windows. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that you can save $125 to $465 dollars a year just from replacing windows with new windows with higher Energy Star ratings.” - Modernize

Choosing the Right Energy Efficient Window Replacements

There are several parts of a window that make it energy efficient, including the framing material and any glass treatments, such as Low-e coating or tints. 

A few things to consider when shopping for energy-efficient window replacements would be the sun exposure of each window, how much natural illumination is ideal for each room and the best window to complement your lifestyle and the architecture of your home. 

EAS manufactures several energy-efficient windows that are all Florida Product Approved and tough enough to withstand hurricane-force winds. 

Below are five options that are sure to meet all of your home and lifestyle needs with a variety of customizations.  

To learn more about energy-efficient windows and how they benefit your home, click the button at the bottom of this article to download The Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Efficient Windows!

5 Energy Efficient Window Replacements 

Double Hung Windows 1531/1541/2551/2561 Series

With a better thermal barrier than most other windows and a more traditional wood appearance on the exterior, you get energy efficiency and increased curb appeal. 

Backed by our lifetime warranty on all vinyl frames and the Good Housekeeping Seal, your peace-of-mind is guaranteed.

Single Hung FWI 1000 Series

Our single hung aluminum window offers superior strength and durability and maximized protection against water and wind-borne debris. 

When combined with the optional insulated glass, these windows also offer enhanced energy efficiency over traditional aluminum windows.

Horizontal Roller 3241/4241 Series

Our vinyl horizontal roller windows are heads above most other windows on the market today. A thicker thermal barrier than most other windows (12% thicker), enhanced leak protection (no sill screws), and a fusion-welded frame and sash for strength and stability make this product one you can count on.

Fixed/Architectural Windows 1436/1446/2456/2466 Series

You can create virtually any type of window you can imagine with our fixed/architectural windows. 

Your vision will be manufactured with a nearly impenetrable barrier to air and water and a better thermal barrier than most other windows on the market. It’s also backed by our lifetime warranty on all vinyl frames in addition to the Good Housekeeping Seal!

Bertha Picture Window

Easily bring the outside in with our beautiful picture windows. Our Bertha Picture Window is designed with a nearly impenetrable barrier to air and water and a better thermal barrier than most other windows—12% thicker!