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5 Top Rated Energy Star Windows in Florida

apartment-bedroom-ceiling-1082355Most building professionals understand the impact and importance of using quality, high-performance materials. 

Energy efficient appliances and installations are in high demand because they’re designed to reduce energy bills, improve residential comfort, and are better for the environment. 


Trusted Energy Efficient Building Brands 

There is an array of energy efficient brands to choose from, but it usually comes down to budget, needs and desired goal. 

“In 1992, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced ENERGY STAR as a voluntary labeling program designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Computers and monitors were the first labeled products.” - ENERGY STAR

ENERGY STAR has partnered with several product brands, including:

  • Air King America
  • Beko US
  • GE Lighting
  • HP
  • Kenmore

5 ENERGY STAR Windows in Florida

EAS windows and doors offer many new options that are all ENERGY STAR certified to minimize energy consumption and reduce your energy bills.

To qualify for the ENERGY STAR label, products must satisfy several criteria, including:

The following is a sampling of ENERGY STAR certified EAS windows to use for your next building project!

#1 Single Hung FWI 1000 Series


Features & Benefits

  • Uniform external look throughout the building: uniform construction of all applications ensures windows with different DPs maintain the same external look
  • Maximize prevention of air and water penetration: double veined felts
  • Superior strength and durability: 3 ¼” frame depth

#2 Double Hung 1531/1541/2551/2561 Series


Features & Benefits

  • Maximized water runoff, even in driving rain: 5 degree sloped sill
  • Resists air infiltration: deeply pocketed head with weather stripping
  • Sizes:
    • Maximum Size Fin: 48” x 72”
    • Maximum Size Flange: 48” x 72”

#3 Fixed Architectural 1436/1446/2456/2466 Series


Features & Benefits

  • Design Pressure: +/-50 PSF
  • Sizes:
    • Maximum Size Non-Impact: 75” x 72”
    • Maximum Size Impact: 64” x 84”
  • Design flexibility: Virtually any type of architectural window can be done

#4 Bertha Horizontal Roller


Features & Benefits

  • Better thermal barrier than most other windows: .070” walls are a full 12% thicker than most other windows
  • Nearly impenetrable barrier to air & water penetration: fusion welded 3 ¼ frame & sash provide strength, stability, and rigidity
  • Lifetime warranty: all vinyl frames

#5 Bertha Impact Vinyl Awning


Features & Benefits

  • Design Pressure: +65/-70
  • Maximum Size 53 1/8″ x 39”
  • Lifetime warranty: frames and glass

Understanding the EPA and Energy Star Labels

If you’re looking for more window rating information or a better understanding of an energy efficient window label, give the following resources a read: 

Your Comprehensive Guide to Aluminum & Vinyl Window Performance and the EPA