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Do Your Impact Glass Windows & Doors Need An Alarm?

smart door lock controlled by phoneAdvances in technology have transformed several areas of our lives, including the improvement of comfort and security in our homes. For example, the window and door manufacturing industry has greatly advanced in the materials used to manufacture these installations. 

With hurricane or impact glass solutions and other building materials of your home’s envelope, you can greatly reduce the often devastating damages of hurricane force winds, flooding, wind borne debris and more. 

You can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills in addition to having added security by preventing unwanted intruders from breaking through these glass installations. 

But, window and door manufacturing is not the only industry benefiting from the advances in technology. The window and door alarm industry has benefitted too and is often considered an important component of a home’s security system. 

However, if you have impact glass windows and doors, is an alarm system or at least window and door alarms still relevant?

Do You Need An Alarm If You Have Impact Glass Windows & Doors?

Alarm systems are becoming more integrated with smart home technology. Impact glass windows and doors provide homeowners with many security, energy, and comfort features, while alarm systems have been providing additional security and functionality features for homeowners. 

For example, you can have a smart lock installed to remotely lock and unlock your front door or allow different codes for multiple users to know who is going in and out of your home. Additionally, door and window alarm manufacturers can create wireless alarm systems that trigger via smart phone technology. 

So, do you still need an alarm if you have impact glass windows and doors? 

Impact glass is designed to resist impact based damage and sustain heavy wind gusts of up to 200 mph and its miscellaneous debris or objects breaking through the glass. For security purposes, if you leave your windows unlocked or if the window is easily jimmied open, having an alarm system would be an ideal supplementary measure to your home’s security.

Understanding Impact Glass Windows & Doors

Whether or not you choose to install window and door alarms is truly dependent on the extent of security you want to have for your home. Installing impact glass windows and doors can drastically improve your home’s security and help prevent unwanted intruders from breaking through the most vulnerable parts of your home’s envelope. 

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