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How Impact Doors Help You Hurricane Prep!

impact door on coastal homeWaiting in the never ending gas and grocery lines to stock up on gasoline, canned goods, water jugs and generators is an inevitable part of living in Florida during hurricane season; but does boarding up your windows and doors have to be, too?

Often, it’s the most frustrating part of hurricane prep, but you can never be too cautious when it comes to protecting your home and family.

Hurricane shutters are a great, proactive way to prep for hurricanes as they can be lightweight and easy to slide over your glass doors, and some are even automated. However, with storms changing course on a whim, impact windows and doors may be the safest and easiest method of preparing for an impending hurricane.

Understanding Impact Glass

Unlike ordinary windows, impact glass windows and doors are comprised of three layers—one interior pane, one exterior pane and an interlayer made of durable plastic, PVB/SGP—fused together by a lamination process. 

While the thickness of impact glass will vary to satisfy an array of building code compliances, and the exterior glass is susceptible to breaking, the inner layers remain in tact to continue protecting your home’s interior from strong winds and flying debris.

3 Ways Impact Windows & Doors Aid Your Hurricane Prep

Impact windows and doors provide homeowners with plenty of benefits, including improved energy efficiency, enhanced security, protection from UV rays, reduced external noise and protection of your home and family from hurricane strength winds. 

Below are three ways impact windows and doors protect your home and minimize your hurricane prep checklist.

  • The durability of their design allows them to sustain 200 mph winds and flying debris 
  • Having three layers keeps the structure from breaking down, keeping the window or door standing even if the exterior sacrificial glass shatters
  • Provide the most protection possible for the interior of your home 

Are Impact Windows & Doors on Your Hurricane Prep List?

When the sustained winds pick up from 74 to 157 mph or higher, it can result in damage to parts of your home, including:

  • Roofing and shingles
  • Exterior walls
  • Windows and doors

Forceful hurricane winds carry enough power to uproot or level your home if a weak spot, such as your windows or doors, are broken from flying debris. 

Because ordinary windows are subject to breaking upon impact, your home could become vulnerable to damaging water intrusion and messes and hazards, such as broken glass inside your home or a hole in place of the window, which puts your safety at risk.

Installing impact doors and windows in your home has many benefits and should be on every homeowner’s hurricane prep list to ensure flying debris doesn't threaten your home's interior, protecting it from being exposed to outside factors. 

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