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Hurricane Windows: Do You Need to Service Them?

Hurricane windowsDesigned to protect your home and everything in it from high winds and other perils, hurricane windows are extremely durable. If you currently have or are considering getting hurricane windows, though, it’s important to know if and when they need to be serviced. 

Do Your Hurricane Windows Need to Be Serviced?

When taken care of consistently and properly, hurricane windows can serve their purpose for many years. However, there are some instances in which they may need to be professionally serviced. 

Potential Problems With Hurricane Window Glass

While they don’t break into shards because they’re made from laminated glass, hurricane windows can still be scratched, sustain stress fractures, and be cracked. 

For example, allowing dirt and grit to remain on windows endlessly can cause unsightly scratches. And so can using harsh cleaners and brushes to clean them, especially if you have to scrub to get rid of caked-on grime.

Additionally, repeated or high impact (such as from a high-pressure washer) can cause small fractures and even full-fledged cracks. Both weaken the integrity of the glass and decrease the protection you have in a storm. So, if you notice any such issues, your windows do need to be serviced.

What Else Could Be Wrong With Your Hurricane Windows?

Besides scratched, chipped, or cracked glass, many other things can go wrong with your hurricane windows. 

  • There may be gaps in the seals and weather stripping that leave you susceptible to damage from water and wind in a storm
  • Locks and sills may become damaged
  • Sealant, frames, and gaskets can be damaged, especially if you leave harsh solvents sitting in the sills or use oil-based lubricants

If you see any openings, gaps, or other damage to the frames, seals, or other components of your hurricane windows, get them inspected and fixed right away. Otherwise, you may be caught unprepared and vulnerable when the next storm hits unexpectedly.

Is It Time For an Inspection? 

In addition to cleaning and caring for your windows regularly and checking them for potential issues, be sure to have a professional inspection completed at least once a year. Then, have any necessary repairs be completed as soon as possible. Not only will it protect you and give you peace of mind in the short-term but it will also extend the longevity of your hurricane windows far into the future. 

In the meantime, as you wait until it’s time for your next inspection, click the button below to download our top professional window care tips.

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