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Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

EAS ShuttersHurricanes and severe weather are  inevitable occurrences for Floridians. Homeowners throughout the state know the importance of protecting their entryways, windows and doors.

There are a few DIY last minute ways to prep your home for an impending hurricane, including plywood and nails, or if you are really in a pinch, duct taping the glass may be the only viable option for some.

However, proactive Florida homeowners are ditching the laborious boards and opting for hurricane shutters or upgrading their windows and doors to impact resistant window and door solutions.

There are several factors to consider, such as homeowner’s discounts and the return on investment, ROI, when choosing between hurricane shutters and impact resistant windows and doors.

Understanding the Differences: Impact Windows or Hurricane Shutters!

Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

Pros Cons
  • Protect against severe weather and strong winds
  • Don’t require hurricane shutters to cover them during storms
  • Big selling point if you’re putting your home on the market
  • Eligible for reduced homeowners insurance rates depending on your provider
  • Can see up to an 86% ROI
  • Typically a bit more expensive than most shutters
  • Outer layer of glass may break from debris (but other layers of window always stay intact to protect your home)


Hurricane Shutters

Pros Cons
  • Protects against severe weather and strong winds
  • You can expect about 50% ROI
  • Typically less costly than most impact windows
  • May be eligible for homeowners insurance discounts depending on your provider
  • Have to manually cover your windows and doors (unless you purchased an electric or motorized variety)
  • Less ROI than installing impact windows and doors
  • Doesn’t typically increase your home value

Which Will You Choose: Impact Windows or Hurricane Shutters?

Both choices, impact windows and doors and hurricane shutters, are a great investment for Florida homeowners.

Your lifestyle, design preferences and desired return on investment will help guide your decision between these two protections.

Click here to learn about a few types of hurricane shutters our parent company offers. Click the button below to learn how to shop for the right impact windows and doors that best suit your needs.

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