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Safely Wipe Away Winter Window Condensation Using These Tools

man-in-blue-crew-neck-shirt-634007Interior and exterior window condensation are likely to result from excess moisture in your home and Florida’s fluctuating winter temperatures.

Exterior and interior condensation are quite normal, especially if you’ve recently upgraded your windows and doors with high performance impact glass selections. 

In contrast to interior and exterior window condensation, if you have condensation between the glass panes, you likely have a faulty window that will need to be replaced.

The likelihood that you’ll run outside to wipe away exterior condensation on all of your windows is low, and though it may be bothersome, it doesn’t pose any significant potential problems. 

However, continuous interior window condensation may eventually lead to wood rot, paint chipping or even mold which makes it an aesthetic and structural problem to your home.

There’s no need to panic though--damage doesn’t happen overnight, and there are plenty of ways to prevent interior window condensation and tools available to remove it. 

Top 3 Tools to Remove Window Condensation

1. Squeegees

Squeegees are a common tool for removing pesky water droplets from your car windows, but they are also great at keeping your windows water residue free. Squeegees are available in several different sizes and styles to fit your needs. 

2. Microfiber cloth

Towels can be too harsh and may scratch your windows and accompanying treatments, so you’ll want to use a microfiber cloth made for glass cleaning, such as Norwex window cloths

3. Karcher Window Vacuum

The Karcher Window Vacuum is the ultimate tool for removing window condensation and cleaning them too! It is a rechargeable, battery powered cross between a squeegee and microfiber cloth that collects the water droplets for easy clean-up.

3 Proactive Tips Prevent Interior Window Condensation

Since interior window condensation results from excess moisture in your home’s air, the following are 3 simple tips to help you proactively reduce and eliminate interior window condensation.

  1. Circulate the air by turning on your fans
  2. Improve ventilation and allow moisture to escape by opening your windows
  3. Absorb the moisture in the air by investing in a dehumidifier, such as DampRid

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