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The Anatomy of Tinted Laminated Glass

black and white microscopeWith double pane and laminated glass installations, single pane glass windows have become dated, inefficient, archaic, and ultimately obsolete.

Single pane glass windows can even cost you money whereas laminated glass installations could save you money among several other benefits.

How Laminated Glass Works

Laminated glass has three layers, two glass panes and an inner PVB or SGP layer, which are fused together.

Upon impact, the outer layer is what cracks while the inner glass pane remain intact; this is beneficial for homeowners who are subject to severe hurricanes or potential break-ins to protect against unwanted intruders.

comparison of single pane glass and double glazed glass window

The interlayer of PVB/SGP also blocks about 99% of Ultraviolet rays which can help you reduce your energy bills.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Efficient Windows

Reducing Your Energy Bills with Tinted Laminated Glass

Laminated glass windows help you maximize your electric bill savings, making them a great investment for your home and your budget. Laminated glass windows filled with argon gas help reflect outside heat and regulate the temperatures inside your home maximizing your home’s energy efficiency and potentially qualifying you for an Energy Star rating and tax credits!

“Energy Star certified windows can lower electric bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide, compared to non-certified products” - Energy Star

Adding a tint to your laminated glass windows will help absorb solar radiation as it enters through the glass, thereby reducing heat and light transfer into the room.

Are You Ready to Start Saving?

EAS uses only the highest grade resins and additives to achieve optimal weathering, durability, color retention, and impact resistance, so you can purchase these money savers with confidence.

Many homeowners are choosing to maximize their savings and increase their home’s energy efficiency by choosing laminated glass installations over single pane windows. Which glass pane will you choose for your home?

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