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The Holiday Home Decor Trends To Try This Year

Woman petting dog next to Christmas treeWith end-of-year deadlines nearing and holiday parties to attend, December can be an overwhelming month.

However, the holiday season is also a time for relaxation, spending time with loved ones, and festively decorating your home

As you dust off the ornaments and decorations in the attic, you may want to spice up your home’s holiday decor theme and infuse it with a few of the latest holiday home decor trends.  

There are several ideas that are sure to inspire your home’s holiday decor and make it festive without taking it overboard. In fact, simplicity is the theme of this year's holiday home decor trends. 

5 Holiday Home Decor Trends to Try

There are several ways you can festively decorate your home this holiday season without putting in too much effort. Oftentimes, the little details do the heavy lifting, like a wreath here and a strand of garland there. 

The following are five holiday home decor trends you should try implementing in your home this year. 

#1: More DIY designs

The holiday season is the perfect time to get in touch with your crafty side like tying ribbon to your strings of garland or arranging your holiday cards in the shape of a tree on a wall. The possibilities are endless, and the best part of DIY holiday decorations is that they are unique and personalized. 

#2: Display holiday greenery

Though springtime florals may not be in bloom, there are several types of greenery that can enhance your holiday decor. Consider making a poinsettia plant your table’s centerpiece, placing holly sprigs on your end table, and hanging wreaths on the back of your bar stools. 

#3: Get personal

Like DIY holiday decor, personalization is also trending for holiday decor. You can easily include personalization tokens in yours by hanging ornaments with family members’ names on them, sending family photo holiday cards, hanging stockings that are unique to each person or have been in the family for generations. The idea is to lessen the reliance on commercialized items and create an authentic holiday feel in your home.

#4: Embrace the neutral holiday color palette

Neutrals are complementary to pretty much anything and there are a few neutrals that are on this year’s holiday color palette, including farmhouse whites and mid-century modern blacks and greys. You should choose Christmas decor that complements your home’s existing color scheme which means you don’t have to stick to the classic red and green. 

#5: Incorporate eco-friendly materials

Decade after decade, individuals are looking for ways to make their homes more sustainable and swap out wasteful or environmentally harmful materials for eco-friendly alternatives. With a few material swaps, there are several ways to be more environmentally friendly this holiday season. 

For example, you can wrap gifts with re-usable fabrics or cloth gift bags. When it comes to creating a more sustainable home, you should consider updating your appliances and installations, such as your windows and doors as they can reduce your energy use and bills. Perhaps you should add them to your Christmas wish list for Santa this year. 

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