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Tips to Remove Window Condensation This Spring

Bertha-Horizontal-Roller-and-HRP-Vinyl-Impact-Window-1Warmer weather and sunshine have arrived in Florida which means temperature fluctuations, humidity and moisture buildup on your windows. 

Fortunately, you can reduce and eliminate window condensation this Spring with several simple solutions to avoid rotting wood, damaging plaster and even growing mold around your window frames.

The reality of window condensation is that your windows aren’t the culprits--they can’t produce moisture. 

Rather, those pesky moisture droplets form on your interior window panes when there’s excess moisture trapped in your home. This results from several day-to-day activities including hot showers, ironing, cooking, etc.

3 Pro Tips to Remove Window Condensation this Spring

Don’t let interior condensation weigh down your lightweight linens and springtime decor. Instead, try implementing these three tips from window and door experts.

1. Purchase a Moisture Eliminator 

Florida is known for its sunshine and high humidity. You may want to consider purchasing a moisture eliminator, such as DampRid, to help reduce the excess moisture in your home that produces interior window condensation.

2. Circulate the air in your home

Using bathroom and kitchen fans helps circulate the air when you’re cooking or showering, which reduces the steam that can accumulate in the air and cause the interior window condensation. 

Make sure that the ventilation fans are ducted to the outside of your home to properly expel the moisture.

3. Use your windows to improve ventilation

One of the many purposes of a window is to provide proper ventilation for your home. So, you don’t have to keep them closed all day.

If you have window coverings, leave them open often enough to allow your windows to circulate the air and moisture throughout the day--especially during the cooler parts of the day like the morning and evening. Plus, opening your windows can improve ventilation and help minimize any moisture imbalance in your home.

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