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Understanding Double Glazed Windows—Calorie Free!

array of doughnutsStrawberry or chocolate frosted may be your favorite doughnut, but double glazed has the most benefits—at least for your windows.

From industry jargon to types of windows and components, there’s a sea of information that you can wade through when researching and shopping for the best replacement windows that meet your home and lifestyle needs.

For now, we’ll stick to helping you understand what a single glazed window is and how you can amplify your energy savings with double glazed windows.

A single glazed window is a single pane of glass that acts as the only barrier between the inside of your home and the outside.

A double glazed window has a three layer barrier including two separate panes of glass and an inner PVB or SGP layer, which are all fused together.

Benefiting from Double Glazed Windows

Whether it’s severe windborne debris or an intruder trying to break-in, the outer layer of a double glazed window will crack upon impact while the inner glass pane remains intact protecting your home, family and belongings. Replacing your windows with double glazed windows holistically benefits you financially.

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In addition to better protecting your home, double glazed windows are the ideal choice for reducing your energy bills. The three layers of insulation reduces the amount of heat escaping in the winter and heat entering in the summer.

This better regulates the temperature of your home and reduces the wear, tear and energy use of your HVAC system. Double glazed windows are also known for noise and condensation reduction.

Hot n’ Fresh Double Glazed Windows Coming Right Up!

Double glazed windows are a great addition to any home for energy savings and protection from severe weather and potential intruders.
To learn more about how you can maximize your energy savings and how the EPA regulates window performance, click the button below.

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