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What are Hurricane Shutters & Should I Have Them in Florida?

Florida sunroom on the beachFlorida’s weather is notorious for its humidity and hurricanes. Sunshine state natives take several measures, trimming tree limbs, stocking pantries, fueling generators, and boarding windows to minimize a hurricane’s potential aftermath.

Aside from creative solutions to protecting your home, such as duct taping and nailing plywood across your windows and doors, advances in technology and manufacturing have paved the way for a more stylish, effective and efficient approach to keeping your home safe during hurricanes.

Your home’s entry points, i.e. its windows and doors, are the most vulnerable during a hurricane and the key to keeping your roof in tact and preventing total havoc to your home. Protecting those entry points can drastically alter potential outcomes of hurricanes,protecting more than just your home, but also keeping your family and keepsakes safe, dry and with you.

Should You Invest in Hurricane Shutters in Florida?

Once one window or door breaks, your roof becomes more likely to blow off due to the pressurized winds entering your home.

The idea behind hurricane shutters is to avoid that initial entry break by protecting those barriers from winds and debris minimizing the post hurricane damage.

Check out this quick video from the weather channel to help you determine if hurricane shutters make sense for your home.

Video still of hurricane IQ 

Your Hurricane Shutter Options

If you come to the conclusion that your home, family and valuables are worth protecting and that hurricane shutters are the best solution, you’ll be happy to know that hurricane shutters are available in different colors, materials and styles including:

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

EAS Shutters

Bahama Hurricane Shutters


Accordion Hurricane Shutters

EMS Accordian Shutters

Roll Up Hurricane Shutters

EMS rollup shutters

Other factors you’ll want to consider when making your hurricane shutter decision include:

  • Evaluating the cost and your budget
  • How much protection you’ll need-are there more vulnerable spots of your home that need hurricane shutters?
  • What are your local building codes?
  • Which style compliments your home best--especially if they are staying up all year round

Hurricane Shutters for Additional Protection to Your Impact Glass!

Installing impact glass windows and doors has its benefits, such as lower homeowner’s insurance rates, added insulation for reduced energy bills and peace of mind during a severe storm or hurricane. 

By supplementing your  impact glass windows and doors with hurricane shutters, you’re adding value and security to your Florida home. 

Our parent company, Eastern Metal Supply has several solutions for you to choose from whether you’re looking to add a pop of color or seasonal security.

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