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Which Window Replacements Make Your Home Extra Cozy This Fall?

10-21 EAS BP 4 imgFrom pumpkins to plush blankets and throws, there are many ways to incorporate various elements into your home to make it look extra cozy throughout the fall season.

However, just because it looks cozy and warm in your home doesn’t mean it feels that way inside. 

Making your Florida home feel cozy in the fall season without having to crank up the heat on the thermostat can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are several upgrades that you can invest in to make your home comfortable year-round, such as window replacements. 

Seasonal transitions allow many homeowners to take a moment and have their home’s HVAC systems and insulation professionally checked to ensure their comfort at home is not in jeopardy. 

It is also an ideal time to make sure that any updates or repairs that could cause an uptick in your energy bills or winter drafts intruding in your home are taken care of.

If you do not have energy-efficient windows, you may temporarily benefit from opening your window and door coverings to allow the sun’s heat to seep through and naturally warm up the spaces in your home. And, when the sun sets and the temperature begins to drop, be sure to close the blinds and curtains to help seal in the warmth and keep the cool air from permeating throughout your home. 

However, upgrading your windows and doors is a more permanent solution to improving your home’s insulation, energy efficiency, and overall comfort year-round.

5 EAS Window Replacements to Make Your Home Cozy

Low-e coatings, tints, or impact glass windows can considerably reduce your electric bills because they minimize solar heat gain and better insulate your home, which ultimately helps regulate the temperature. 

The following are 5 popular EAS window replacements that are sure to make your home extra cozy this fall and more comfortable year-round. 

#1: Double-Hung Window



#2: Bertha Impact Vinyl Awning Window


#3: Fixed Architectural Window


#4: Bertha Picture Window

Bertha Picture Window EAS

#5: Bertha Casement Window


Which EAS Window Replacements Are Best For You?

Your window replacements should capture your aesthetic preferences and complement your home’s architectural design.

At Eastern Architectural Systems, we offer a complete line of custom-made, aluminum and vinyl, impact and insulated impact windows and doors. Each installation is tested for strength and integrity and built with style in mind to exceed the requirements and challenges of today’s discerning buyers.

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