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Will Installing New Windows Prevent Window Condensation?

Impact glass window being manufactured

Your daily life is chock full of tasks from cooking and showering to cleaning and ironing, all of which produce moisture in your home. If not properly ventilated, these tasks can lead to a build-up of interior window condensation.

Seasonal temperature changes can also be a culprit for exterior window condensation if your windows or doors are cooler than the ambient dew point. Both interior and exterior window condensation have simple solutions to preventing mildew or mold buildup in your home.

However, condensation between your window panes is not a good sign and is usually a result of a broken seal between the panes or a saturated desiccant. You can learn more about how to treat these types of window condensation with these 3 Tips to Prevent and Reduce Window Condensation.

Will New Windows Prevent Window Condensation?

Will installing new windows will prevent condensation? The answer depends on which windows you’re installing. The likely scenario is that installing windows won’t prevent standard interior and exterior window condensation.

By installing impact glass windows and removing low performance installations, you do create a tighter seal to your home making it more challenging for moisture to escape. Without proper ventilation, moisture may build-up and cause interior window condensation.

The less likely scenario is that you replace your energy efficient, impact glass windows with outdated or low performing installations which don’t create a tighter seal and allow moisture to escape your home, not build up on your window, and therefore increase your energy bills.

Would You Replace Your Windows?

The benefits of replacing your drafty windows with impact glass windows outweighs the potential window condensation you may experience as your home adjusts. For example, some benefits you’ll acquire include:

  • Reduced energy bills

  • Enhanced home security

  • Stronger barriers against severe weather, including hurricanes

Knowing all of this, would you replace your drafty windows for impact glass energy efficient installations?