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Will Your Warranty be Invalid if You Change Your Front Door Handle?

building-metal-house-architecture-101808How can you determine whether the integrity of your front door handle will still be honored if you swap out your door handle?

This is a rather tricky question best answered by your door manufacturer or warranty provider.

Here’s why this question is riddled with grey areas:

1. The Clause: Under Normal Working Conditions 

Most warranties provided by the manufacturer cover any defects under normal working conditions. Therefore, if you change the lock, it can be considered altering the door and its normal working conditions.

2. New Door Handle & Warranty

Depending on the new door handles and locking system you’re considering, they may provide a warranty protecting only that investment. It will not, however, cover any defects of the door itself. 

3. Door Knobs are Easily Interchangeable

The final grey area is that door handles and locks are often swapped out and don’t necessarily affect the sliding or swinging performance of the door. In some ways, that could be seen as not technically changing the normal working conditions of the door.

How to Determine if Your Door’s Warranty Will be Honored

Each manufacturer and warranty is different--none are the exact same because each entry door is manufactured with different materials and processes, which determine what it’s normal working conditions can withstand. 

The best way to determine whether your warranty will remain valid and honored if you swap out the entry door handle is by directly contacting the warranty provider--usually the manufacturer. It may be honored as long as it’s made by that manufacturer and installed by a professional installer.

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