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How to Adjust to Remotely Working During the Coronavirus

Close up low angle view of a man working from home on a laptop computer sitting at a desk surfing the internetWorking remotely is the temporary new norm for many people --if they have that option. 

And the adjustment can be challenging, with distractions looming in every room, which is mostly due to a lack of structure or routine. 

The following are a few tips that may help you create a productive temporary work environment at home.

1. Create a Schedule

When you start working from home, it can easily become a slippery slope for aspects of your personal and professional day to start blending. 

You can combat that by creating a schedule that outlines when it’s your personal time and when it’s your work time -- if that schedule isn’t already structured by your company. 

2. Don’t Stop Getting Ready

This doesn’t mean that you have to put on your slacks and loafers; it can be as simple as slipping out of your pajamas and slippers and putting on pants and a top. Getting ready may seem like a trivial step if you’re just staying home all day, but this is a small step to big wins. 

3. Designated Workspace 

Your remote workspace could be a kitchen counter, a home office or even the living room couch. The idea of creating a designated workspace is to help you get in the zone and stay focused on your work.

4. Recharge Breaks are Good

When you were working at the office, you probably took a couple of these: making coffee, preparing a snack, or even stepping outside for five minutes to get some sunshine. All of that is still a good idea to practice when you’re working from home. The key is to not get distracted by the dirty dishes in the sink or the laundry piled in the hamper. 

5. Remote Work Doesn’t Mean You’re Alone

Just because you’re working at home, doesn’t mean that you are alone. Your team and peers are still working too, so don’t forget to communicate daily. Technology such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, etc. have made remote collaboration and communication easy. 

Additional Tips for Working Remotely 

Here are a couple more resources that provide tips and tricks from remote professionals :

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