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How to Prevent and Reduce Window and Door Condensation

prevent_and_reduce_window_and_door_condensation.jpgInstalling new windows and doors in your home adds a significantly stronger seal against indoor and outdoor circulation which generates higher chances for window and door condensation.

Eastern Architectural Systems (EAS) provides high-quality, energy efficient windows and doors for your home. If you have recently installed new windows and doors in your home and are worried that they are defective because you are seeing condensation on them, you can rest assured that this is a normal occurrence.

Our new guide “How to Prevent and Reduce Window and Door Condensation” covers an array of topics regarding window and door condensation, including:

  • Interior window condensation
  • Exterior window condensation
  • Condensation between the glass
  • Why your windows and doors are subject to condensation 
  • How to reduce and prevent window and door condensation

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