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Made in the USA Certified: What It Means To You


Made in the USA Certified ® is the nation’s leading 3rd party independent certification source for USA—Country of Origin claims.

It’s more than just putting a label on a product. Manufacturers who want the Made in the USA Certified ® designation need to submit to a supply chain audit process where their entire supply chain is completely verified and then certified. This designation reassures the consumer that they are truly getting a product made in the United States.

“Often, if you check a label inside a t-shirt that has an American flag pictured on the front, you’ll find that the shirt was Made in China! It’s not always China—it could be Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Honduras—anywhere but the United States. This is an irony that is emblematic of the enormous shift in emphasis away from manufacture in this country over the last few decades…”-Lida Orzeck, CEO of Hanky Panky.

According to a recent report from the Economics and Statistics Administration of the United States Department of Commerce, manufacturing seems to be coming back to the U.S., with manufacturing output seeing a growth of 38% since the recession. Through May 2014, the manufacturing sector has added 646,000 jobs and manufacturers are actively recruiting to fill another 243,000 positions. It’s important we support this shift and our country, as we put more people back to work and produce goods that we’re all proud to say are made right here, in the good ol’ USA.

“To help us make an American choice, on these and other issues, a Florida company, Made in the USA Certified ® verifies company’s claims that the materials and manufacturing are domestic.”
-President Bill Clinton

See What It Means To Be Certified In USA

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