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Understanding the Difference: Warranty Vs. Guarantee!

pinky promise in front of a brick wallWarranties are riddled with complex, technical jargon that may be challenging to understand, but they are carefully written to protect you and the manufacturer.

There are several types of protections available for purchase or that come with a product. However, there is a common confusion when differentiating a warranty versus a guarantee.

Differentiating a Warranty and a Guarantee

Warranties and guarantees are ways for a company to promise you that their product won’t fail you and that they’re willing to give you a refund or repair or replace it if something goes wrong.

Here’s the difference:


A warranty is a written contractual guarantee that promises product repair or replacement for faulty products under normal conditions within a set amount of time.

It’s meant to assure you that their company is willing to fix or repair the parts or products under normal circumstances because they know it’s a great, quality product.


A guarantee is a verbally expressed promise that the product will perform as intended or it can be returned for a refund.

You’ve heard them before on infomercials "We know Product X will do Y. If it doesn’t, we'll give you your money back-guaranteed."

The Legalities

Linguistically, both a warranty and a guarantee are promises to the customer. The difference is their legal standing. Guarantees are more or less verbal promises whereas most warranties are written contractual agreements that are more legally binding to protect both parties.

Nearly all products, such as your blender, come with an guarantee promising that the product will perform as expected.

But often times you’ll be offered the chance to purchase a warranty in addition to the guarantee  that would legally require the manufacturer to repair or replace faulty parts depending on the specifics of the written warranty.

Warranties hold more weight because they are written, and they replace or repair the part whereas Guarantees are verbally expressed and offer full refunds. This difference would likely only  matter in unique legal circumstances.

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