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Windows Fogging Inside House? Here's What to Do

Windows Fogging Inside HouseThere’s nothing quite as inconvenient as a foggy window when you’re trying to appreciate your outdoor view, but the water droplets on your window are blurring it. Being window and door experts, we’re dishing a few pro tips to help resolve your search query for ‘windows fogging inside house.’ 

While your window appears to be foggy, it’s really just condensation. Which is completely normal. There are actually three types of window and door condensation; one of which is interior window condensation resulting in your search ‘windows fogging inside house.” 

Oftentimes your day to day activities-- such as cooking, ironing, cleaning, etc--will cause your windows to fog inside your home. Obviously those activities are unavoidable; however, there are a few things you can do to reduce, if not eliminate, the windows from fogging inside your home. 

3 Tips to Remove Interior Window Condensation

Don’t let the windows fogging inside your home disrupt your view. Here are three tips from window and door experts to help remove interior window condensation.

1. Keep the air circulating 

Cooking and showering produce a ton of moisture in the air which leads to condensation. That’s one of the reasons why these rooms have ventilation fans, so utilize them accordingly. This will help reduce the steam from accumulating. Just be sure the vents are ducted to the outside of your home to properly expel the moisture. 

2. Invest in a moisture eliminator

The sunshine state is known for sunny days and high humidity. You should consider investing in a moisture eliminator, such as DampRid, to help reduce the excess moisture in your home that produces interior window condensation and cause your windows to fog up. 

3. Let your windows do the work

Did you know that one of the main functions of your windows is to improve ventilation for your home? If you have window coverings, leave them open often enough to allow your windows to circulate the air and moisture throughout the day--especially during the cooler parts of the day like the morning and evening. Plus, opening your windows can improve ventilation and help minimize any moisture imbalance in your home.

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