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4 Must Haves for Your Window and Door Showroom in 2020!

Bertha Horizontal RollerThere are awards for nearly everything--including window and door showrooms!

We’ve talked about how to determine the credibility of a window and door dealer, and even who won the best window and door display of 2019

Now, we’re sharing what matters most when it comes to your window and door showroom in 2020. 

4 Must Haves for Your Window and Door Showroom

Update and ramp up the following four areas of your window and door showroom to impress!

1. Depth, Design & Mood

Just like a realtor stages a home for sale, your showroom should be staged so potential customers  buyers can envision your windows and doors in their home. You can easily do this with neutral tones, furniture, and lighting to set the mood and enhance the ambiance. Be sure to utilize all of your showroom and present a wide array of your windows and doors. 

2. Technology

You don’t need to overdo it with technology, but adding relevant aspects of technology, such as advanced locks and automated features can go a long way to enhance your shoppers’ browsing experience. 

3. Education

Whether it’s provided on a nearby tablet, a brochure at the front or informative snippets on the wall, ensuring educational materials about your windows and doors are readily available is important. You can include factual snippets of their material make-up, customizable options, security enhancements, and overall product benefits.

4. Customer Service

Customer service is a must in any company or organization. Having employees that are knowledgeable and available is vital, and it can even make or break a sale. 

Have You Seen Our Showroom?

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You can learn more about EAS products a few different ways, including:

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