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5 Care Tips for Your EAS Energy Efficient Window Installation

two-chairs-facing-towards-white-casement-window-776940High performance doesn’t have to mean high maintenance, and regular washings are the best preventative measure when it comes to windows and doors!

Your customers view energy efficient windows as an investment to better protect their home and reduce their energy bills, so they’ll want to keep them in the best condition possible.

If you’re not already going the extra mile for your customers, you can easily do so by suggesting best practices to avoid over-washing their windows and explaining how to care for their new EAS energy efficient window installations.

5 EAS Energy Efficient Window Care Tips

While there isn’t a magic formula, there are a few basics to keeping energy efficient windows in excellent condition and streak-free. Here are our top five care tips you can pass along to your customers.

#1 Add a Clear Polymer Coating

After washing the windows and doors, apply a clear polymer coating to the exterior glass pane to protect against mineral stains, such as salt.

#2 Combat Condensation Regularly

Easily combat condensation regularly with a squeegee rather than a towel to avoid swirling the dirty condensation around the glass and leaving streaks or smudges. Here’s an easy to follow Tip Sheet of a few tricks to combat those blurry water droplets on your new windows and doors.

#3 Rinse Before Washing

Rinse the windows prior to washing them to remove solid dirt that can scratch the glass.

#4 Don’t Overclean

Avoid over-cleaning the windows because excessive rubbing and scrubbing can do more harm than good. Ideally, you should aim to clean them once a month or once every two months depending on your home’s climate and surroundings.

#5 Use Microfiber Cloths 

Try not to use harsh soaps and abrasive towels when washing the windows. Instead use a mild soap or homemade formula and a microfiber cloth. 

There are several more energy efficient window and door care tips detailing the best cleaning tools and green products to use.

Go the extra mile by suggesting care tips and pointers--your customers will appreciate it. If your customers are considering energy efficient windows, click the button below to access The Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Efficient Windows and share it with them.