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Do Your Customers Know the Benefits of a Vinyl Window Frame?

Fixed-Architectural-Vinyl-Window-EASWhether they’re impact glass, HVHZ approved, low-e coated or tinted, windows play an important role in your customers’ homes. 

Impact windows are designed to improve insulation, but they also happen to be the most vulnerable parts of a home which is why it’s important for them to know why they shouldn’t skimp on quality.

A window’s glass and style are important, but the framing material is equally important in meeting a homeowner’s lifestyle and comfort needs. 

Homeowners can choose from a variety of framing materials, glass packages and window styles to design their picture perfect window, and vinyl window frames take the cake in popularity.

Benefits of a Vinyl Window Frame!

Vinyl window frames have gained popularity over the years, but do your customers know why?

Vinyl windows provide your homeowners with an array of benefits, including an attractive price point, especially if their primary concern is energy efficiency and resistance to corrosion. Below are three vinyl window frame benefits worth mentioning.

Benefit #1: Low Maintenance

Vinyl window frames have more resistance against corrosion, peeling, rotting and chipping than aluminum. Plus, they are designed to handle the damaging UV light effects over an extended period of time.  

Benefit #2: Energy Efficiency

Vinyl window frames provide plenty of insulation! The hollow spaces within the frame helps make them resistant to heat loss and condensation.

Benefit #3: Variety

Vinyl window frames are also available in a variety of colors and styles which gives homeowners more options and flexibility to match their personal interior design styles. 

Would You Recommend a Vinyl Window Frame?

Your customers can spend a substantial quantity of time choosing the perfect window for their home, asking plenty of questions such as “Which one is better?” “What are the benefits?” “Does it match the style of my home?” 

They want to make the right choice when it comes to investing in their home’s safety and security, and you can easily help them by outlining and educating them on available options.

While the environment will likely be the strongest factor in determining which window frame will best suit their needs, there are still plenty of options available. 

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