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How To Choose An Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Door?

EAS sliding glass doorsThere are several reasons for updating your home’s windows and doors, including improving your home’s energy efficiency.

These areas are vulnerable parts of your home’s envelope and if damaged or outdated, could result in poor insulation and protection from exterior intrusions. 

Updating your sliding glass doors can drastically improve your personal and financial well being by making you more comfortable in your home year round and cutting down on utility costs. 

Energy efficient sliding glass doors have been helping homeowners reduce their energy use and carbon footprint and providing more insulation for consistent comfort as the outside temperatures fluctuate from season to season. 

The only challenge homeowners face is how to find the right energy efficient installations to make this possible in your home. 

Shopping For An Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Door

Shopping for a sliding door can be an overwhelming process with so many design styles to choose from. Design styles focus on how they aesthetically complement your home, while the materials used focus on the energy performance and durability of the sliding glass door. 

The following are what labels and materials to focus on when shopping for the best energy efficient sliding glass doors for your home. 

The Glass Package

With many advances in technology, glass can be manufactured to withstand harsh impacts and better insulate spaces. You can choose from single, double, and triple glass panes to maximize your insulation and energy efficiency. 

Additionally, there are several materials and customizations to improve insulating properties and natural illumination, such as:

  • Impact
  • Non-impact
  • Low-e
  • Tinting
  • Impact Insulated
  • Argon Gas

The Framing Material

While there are several materials used for a sliding glass door’s frame, not all have the same energy performance or require the same maintenance. 

For example, aluminum frames are more durable and thinner than wood frames while vinyl framing is known for its low maintenance, design, energy efficiency, price point and variety. Framing options are more dependent on your personal, maintenance and quality preferences.

The Labels to Look For

Labels also matter when it comes to shopping for energy efficient sliding glass doors. They make identifying their energy efficient properties quick and some even indicate they are designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency, like ENERGY STAR® which is a voluntary program through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that has very high energy performance standards. 

Another label to look for is the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) which is a nonprofit organization that developed an energy rating system based on whole-unit product performance. 

Choose an Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Door with Confidence

Updating your window and door installations have many benefits including improved energy performance. However, there are several options and considerations to evaluate. 

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