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Is it okay to DIY Window Tint Your Low-e Windows?

tinted windows in yellow buildingWith modern advances in building technology, such as solar panel shingles, there are plenty of options homeowners can choose to reduce their energy bills and enhance their comfort.

Double pane, impact glass windows are a no brainer when it comes to improving your home’s energy efficiency, and you can maximize their efficiency with window treatments, such as low-e coatings or window tinting.

However, you probably don’t want to have both tint and Low-E glass coating applied because the combination of the two will alter the color of the glass.

Should You DIY Window Tint Low-e Windows?

Window tints help reduce the amount of heat and light transfer but should window tinting only be done by the professionals or can you DIY at home?

The obvious answer is yes, you can purchase tinted films and apply them to your existing windows; however, that’s a quick fix, not a long term solution. Florida’s sun exposure is strong and will eventually deteriorate and peel the film at the corners. Having your impact glass windows professionally tinted is the better long term solution.

If you prefer your windows to have more protection than solar radiation absorption and reduced heat, then you may want to use Low-E glass coatings instead.

Low-E glass coatings are the next step up from tinted windows and doors. The coating is applied to the internal glass to separate both heat and light energy. Low-E glass coatings reflect the heat back to the source allowing the short wave light to pass through for natural illumination.

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