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Which Energy Efficient Window Styles Add Value to Your Home?

There are several little things homeowners can do to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact.

Some practices require a daily, conscious effort, such as unplugging cords when they’re not being used. However, other ways to save energy are more “set it and forget it”, such as upgrading your windows to more energy efficient styles, which can reduce your energy bill while adding value to your home.  

5 Energy Efficient Window Styles for Every Home!

Everyone’s home, lifestyle and design preferences are different. Fortunately, there are several energy efficient window styles to meet every homeowner’s needs, including the five styles listed below. 

1. Single and Double Hung Windows

Single and double hung windows are very popular, with single hung windows being the most common window you’re used to seeing. In contrast to projecting or hinged windows, the department of energy notes that while sliding windows, such as single or double hung and horizontal roller windows, are energy efficient, they generally have higher leakage rates.  


2.  Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the sides. The sash (the part of the window that holds the glass and the framework around the glass to keep it in place) presses against the frame when closed, which creates a tighter seal and reduces its air leakage rates.


3. Horizontal Roller Windows

Horizontal roller windows operate by either one or two sashes sliding horizontally. They are also noted by the department of energy to be energy efficient styles but tend to have higher air leakage rates compared to single and double hung windows. 


4. Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top rather than the sides. The sash also presses against the frame when closed, which creates a tighter seal and reduces its air leakage rates.


5. Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are just that, fixed in place and provide you the optimal air tight seal to your home. They don’t open, which may not be the ideal window if you want to open your windows in the fall and winter seasons in Florida. They are very energy efficient and are low-maintenance as they have fewer moving parts and hardware than most other window types.


Comprehensive Energy Efficient Window Styles

The style of a window has a tremendous effect on its energy efficiency, but the window frame and glass package also plays an important role in creating a holistically energy efficient window. 

Maybe you want to add a low-e coating or tint? 

“Windows manufactured with low-e coatings typically cost about 10% to 15% more than regular windows, but they reduce energy loss by as much as 30% to 50%.” - Department of Energy

To learn more about which window style, glass package and framing material makes the most sense for your home and lifestyle, click the button below to download Your Window & Door Shopping Guide.

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