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Would You Rather Have a Traditional or Keyless Entry Front Door Handle

black-and-grey-keys-792034With advances in technology to so many aspects of our homes, you have to wonder whether the traditional lock and key front door handle will eventually become obsolete. 

If you’re considering updating your front door handle and lock, keep reading below to learn the several pros and cons to help you narrow down your decision. 

Keyless Entry Front Door Handles

Keyless entry front door handles are often a preferred choice for their convenience and security, however, these systems also come with a few downsides to keep in mind.  

4 Pros of Keyless Entry Front Door Handles

  1. Convenience of not having to remember to grab your key before leaving your home
  2. Easier to control and manage guest access by providing individual and even temporary codes for your housekeepers, pet sitters, house guests, etc. 
  3. Some keyless entry front door systems will automatically lock after you leave your home so you won’t have to worry that you may not have locked your door.
  4. Some systems have apps so you can operate them from the convenience of your smartphone

4 Cons of Keyless Entry Front Door Handles

  1. Most are battery operated, so if the batteries aren’t changed in a timely manner, you may be locked out unless it is a system that provides a key override.
  2. It is an electronic system, which makes it sensitive to extreme weather and may poorly function over time. 
  3. You lock and unlock it via a pass code which should be changed every now and then to avoid someone guessing or hacking your code.
  4. They are more expensive and can cost more to install and maintain than the traditional deadbolt.

Traditional Front Door Handles

Traditional front door handles have their own set of pros and cons, which are detailed below.  

3 Pros of Traditional Front Door Handles

  1. Traditional front door handles require less maintenance and contain no electronics, making them more affordable than their keyless entry counterpart.
  2. This entry system has been around for centuries and has advanced in aesthetic and functional design, offering a wider variety of style options.
  3. They are much easier to install than keyless entry front door handles and locks.

2 Cons of Traditional Front Door Handles

  1. You will have to remember to take your key and lock your door when you leave so you won’t get locked out.
  2. It is more difficult to control access of who is coming in and out of your house.

The choice between traditional or keyless entry front door handles boils down to personal preference. Both lock your door with a single lock, unless you opt for a traditional multi-point (top, bottom, and middle of the door) lock system that provides added security.

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