Bertha Sliding Glass Door
623 Series

When you’re working in a high velocity hurricane zone, you need a product that’s strong, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Enter our Bertha Vinyl Impact Sliding Glass Door. With a design pressure of +/-65, anti-lift panel devices, and maximum size of 192” x 96”, this door meets HVHZ code, as well as physically fits into almost any job.

Features & Benefits

  • Design Pressure: +/-65
  • Maximum Size: 192” x 96”
  • Multiple Configurations: OX, XO, OXO & OXXO

Available Colors

  • White
  • Desert Sand
  • Bronze Exterior/White Interior 

Available Glass

  • Insulated Impact 

HVHZ Approved

Florida State Product Approval

How-to Install a 623 Vinyl Sliding Glass Door 


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