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How to Stop Condensation Between Window Panes

condensation on Florida apartment windowLet’s preface this article by clearing up a mini myth that you may be thinkingno, windows can’t produce condensation.

Rather, condensation can build up on the window as a result of moisture produced by temperature differences and the environment.

When you install high performance windows, such as impact glass windows, interior and exterior condensation can be expected as your home will be more insulated, retaining more moisture and better regulating its temperature.

However, if condensation forms between the two glass panes, then your panes are either broken or the desiccant inside the window is becoming saturated. This means you’ll either have to replace the entire window or restore the ineffective glass pane(s). But, before you panic, try cleaning the interior and exterior glass because those panes may just be clouded from residual condensation, cleaning product, or grease from the kitchen.

If that still didn’t do the trick, then you’ll want to skip ahead and consider your replacement impact window options. Or, you can keep reading the next bit for a few tips on how you can reduce interior and exterior window condensation.

5 Tips to Reduce Interior & Exterior Window Condensation

The following 5 tips can help you reduce and eliminate interior and exterior window condensation.

1. Open Your Windows

Impact windows are meant to insulate and better regulate the temperature in your home and reduce your energy bills. However, because they seal your home so well, condensation can form on your windows, so opening them helps mitigate the outdoor and indoor temperature differences.

2. Apply Rain-X to the Exterior Glass Pane

When you apply Rain-X to your exterior window pane, the condensation that builds up will run off rather than cling to the glass.

3. Add a Dehumidifier  to a Few Rooms

Adding a few dehumidifying products throughout your home will help to absorb the interior moisture and reduce the amount of condensation build up on the interior window panes.

4. Increase Circulation

Turn your home’s ceiling fans or standing fans on to better circulate the moisture throughout your home so that it’s not building up and subjecting your windows to condensation.

5. Up Your Thermostat

By raising the temperature of your home, you’re creating more balance between the interior and exterior temperatures which reduces the presence of window condensation.

Replace or Restore?

If you’ve thoroughly wiped down your interior and exterior glass panes and attempted the tips above and condensation is still present, then you’ll want to consider either restoring or replacing your windows as they’ve lost their high performance functions.

Impact  windows increase a home’s value along with several other benefits when they are properly installed and remain in tact. Below are a few impact windows you may want to consider.

1. Single Hung Window FWI 1000 Series


2. Bertha Picture Window


3. Horizontal Roller Window 3241/4241 Series


Impact  windows are subject to interior and exterior condensation and are easily remedied by the tips listed earlier in this article.

For a more in depth reading and understanding of tips to prevent & reduce window condensation, download our guide below.