Impact Glass Explained

Impact Glass, also known as laminated glass, is typically two pieces of glass with an interlayer made of durable plastic (PVB).

This innovation has been around for many years—primarily in the automotive industry for use in windshields.

A typical piece of impact glass consists of three layers (glass, PVB interlayer, glass) that are fused together through a laminating process, which involves pressure and heat. This process results in a stronger, more durable glass unit. The exterior glass pieces can be regular glass or heat strengthened glass, depending upon the project requirement. There are also different thicknesses of glass that can be used based on design pressures and code compliance.

The interlayer also has some variables that determine how strong the glass unit becomes. Larger window units or units to be used in hurricane-prone coastal areas may need thicker/stronger combinations in order to meet local requirements for building codes.