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3 Sliding Door Treatments During Sweater Weather

Patio door interior 3 - HRBringing the outside in has been a popular home design style for the past several years. With installations such as picture windows, French doors and sliding patio doors, the seamless transition from inside to outside is easier than ever.  

Sometimes it isn’t always about having the perfect view; some homeowners want more control over natural illumination and privacy, which is why they’re turning to window treatments such as low-e coatings, tints or sliding door coverings. 

With sweater weather and cold fronts underway in Florida, here are 3 ways to better regulate your home’s temperature while adding a dash of style to your interior design

3 Sliding Door Treatments

The following three sliding door window treatments are the perfect pairing to help you stay energy efficient and comfortable. 

Sliding Panels

Image result for sliding panels sliding door

If you want to add a modern twist or a versatile sleek design that’s chock full of options and easily operable, then sliding vertical or horizontal panels are the perfect treatment for your sliding door. 

Depending on the option you choose, you can easily control the lighting in your home with blackout, light filtering, or even solar fabric options. You can also add a tint or a low-e coating to the glass pane itself to help enhance its energy efficiency.

Curtains & Drapes

Image result for curtains sliding door

Curtains and drapes are classic styles and highly functional with plenty of patterns, prints or solid color options to match your interior design and perfectly pair with your existing decor.

You can add a blackout or thermal lining to your curtains or drapes to help control natural illumination and heat transfer in your room. 

Plantation Shutter Panels

Plantation shutter panels sliding door

If your interior design style is more traditional, then Plantation sliding shutter panels are a perfect pairing for sliding doors.

Keep in mind that Plantation sliding shutter panels will cover a portion of your door when opened, limiting the amount of natural light entering the room.

Considerations for Sliding Door Treatments

You can easily stay comfortable in your home this season with the right sliding door treatments! Customized or specialty treatments can carry a hefty price tag, which is why it’s important to consider all of your options and get measurements and styles right the first time.  

There are a few other things you’ll want to consider when choosing the perfect treatment to pair with your sliding doors, including the durability of the materials and how much natural illumination you want to allow in your room. 

You’ll want to consider the direction your door opens and ensure that your sliding door treatments open in the same direction as the door. If you are considering horizontal blinds, keep in mind that pets can easily damage them if they are trying to see out of the door. 

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