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3 Tips to Upgrade Your Home Office

Home officeWhile kitchens and bathrooms are the most commonly renovated spaces, home offices are seeing an uptick in renovations as more and more individuals work from home

The key to an efficient office space begins with smart planning and a purposeful design that clearly defines it as a working space and not just another room.

3 Tips to Upgrade Your Home Office

There are a few savvy tips to help you capture your unique style, maximize the space’s functionality, and center your focus on work. Here are a few tips to best upgrade your home office space making it an efficient and comfortable working environment.

#1: Supportive Flooring

Adjustable desks have been increasingly popular in office spaces and home offices too. They are complementary to the savvy worker. However, standing on hard flooring for extended periods of time, can be a little less than complementary to workspace ergonomics.

Installing supportive flooring in your home office is one must-have upgrade. There are a variety of options to make this possible, from redoing the flooring to a cork material (which is also a sustainable, antibacterial material), to placing a plushly padded area rug under your adjustable desk.  

#2: Room Dividers

Clutter around your workspace often results in a loss of focus. That is why room dividers are number two on our list of home office upgrades. 

Putting up a few room dividers is a simple way to separate your workspace from the untidiness or miscellaneous commotion that may be preventing you from focusing—kind of like a cubicle at the office would.

For a more permanent solution, you may want to consider creating nooks in your home office floor plan to separate a workspace from a creative space or reading area. 

#3: Upgrade Your Windows 

One of the most beneficial upgrades you can make to your home is upgrading your windows and doors, and that includes those installations in your home office. Depending on which installations you choose you could see and feel benefits including:

  • Energy savings
  • More comfort
  • Less condensation
  • Natural illumination
  • More peace and quiet

By upgrading the installations in your home office to high-performance windows provides you with better insulation. This translates to maintaining a consistent temperature inside regardless of Florida’s fluctuating weather patterns. 

They are also a big bonus for home office spaces because there is less outside noise pollution infiltrating your space like when the lawn crew is trying to work while you are.

Choosing the Best Upgrades For Your Home Office

There are several home office upgrades that can impact your productivity and efficiency. It is important to remember that every home and family have different needs and budgets, so you should focus on choosing the best home office upgrades that help you function better in yours. 

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