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South Florida New Construction: EAS Windows & Doors Make a Difference

South Florida new constructionEach year a new, trendy architectural design is imagined, planned and executed. Though designs and floor plans are ever changing, Florida’s Building Code isn’t as fleeting and trendy. 

The materials you install in your South Florida new construction matter, from the roof and insulation to the windows and doors. Installing new windows and doors is an investment in a building and should be Florida Building Code compliant. 

As such a large component of your new construction, you want to be sure you invest in solutions that go beyond what meets the eye, such as how the windows and doors complement your new construction’s design, and their function should complement the lifestyle demands of the tenants or residents.

How EAS Windows & Doors Benefit Your South Florida New Construction

Aesthetics and functionality aside, there are several benefits EAS windows and doors can provide for your South Florida new construction

#1 Improved security 

Our impact windows have a thicker barrier reducing noise pollution to keep your home quieter. They are designed so strong that hurricane winds and intruders are unable to break through them.

#2 Hurricane protection

Impact windows are designed to withstand the impact of severe wind borne debris and hurricane strength winds. While their outer layer of glass may crack on impact, the inner layer will remain intact to keep the window standing and prevent water and debris intrusion.

#3 Energy efficiency

Energy efficient windows are better insulated and use less energy to maintain consistent, comfortable temperatures in your home, you’ll benefit from reduced heating and cooling costs for your home.

#4 Reduced noise pollution

With better insulation, comes reduced noise pollution. Energy efficient windows create a thicker barrier and help prevent outside noises from entering your home. This is a major benefit, as noise pollution has been linked to health problems

Get to Know Your Options

At Eastern Architectural Systems, we provide a complete line of custom-made windows & doors: aluminum and vinyl, impact and insulated impact. 

Our solutions are tested for strength and integrity, and built with style in mind, exceeding the requirements and challenges of today’s discerning buyer.

We are also a manufacturer of Earthwise windows and doors, and all Earthwise products are Made in USA Certified ®. This means a lot to us as we believe in our country, and in the communities where we work and live. Not to mention that we’re the only manufacturer in Florida that produces Earthwise vinyl windows, the only vinyl impact window backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal.

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