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Learn What Matters Most in Your Window Warranty

clipboard-close-up-compositionHomeowners select the cream of the crop when it comes to windows and doors because they want to protect their home and enhance its energy efficiency.

It may cost a bit more initially, but it’ll increase your bottom line savings.

Windows and doors are a long-term investment, which makes having a warranty to protect them extremely important.

Warranties are fairly standard in coverage but are often cluttered with technical jargon that encompasses many aspects, including the product, installation, service, and labor. The type of glass, framing materials, and manufacturer of each window will shape each warranty’s length and coverage. 

Warranties are legal documents designed to give you more peace of mind and protect your investment. For example, most installation related defects will become evident within a year or two of installation, which is why the average installation warranty coverage ranges from 5-10 years. 

What Matters Most in Your Window Warranty

A few aspects that aren’t always obvious or outlined in your warranty, but should be considered when selecting your window, include response time, company longevity, and glass breakage.

#1 Response Time

For most homeowners, time is of the essence and just one of many things that should be asked about when evaluating warranties and window selections. Most manufacturers that have been in the industry for a while will be able to give you their average response time for parts and/or repairs. 

#2 Longevity of the Company

Any warranty is only as good as the lifetime of the company, so choosing a newer window company with an initial lower price tag can cost more in the long run if that company does not stay in business. Be sure to choose a company that you’re confident will be there for you in the long haul.

#3 Glass Breakage

Glass breakage is a recent warranty aspect that few manufacturers are including in their lifetime warranties. It’s pretty self explanatory, covering the glass part of the window if it should break outside normal working conditions and natural disasters, which could save you anywhere from $600-800 depending on the quality/type of glass installed.

The Devil is in the Details

There is more to a window and door warranty than meets the naked eye. Take some time to examine and evaluate the quality of coverage to ensure you’re getting the protection you want. 

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