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Tempered and Laminated Glass: Do You Know the Difference?

laminated glassYou may have never thought too much about windows and doors until it’s time to replace or install new ones in your home. 

The difference between tempered and laminated glass or low-e coatings versus tinted glass options among the other customizations you can apply to your windows and doors can easily feel a little overwhelming to the discerning buyer. 

However, we’re making it simple to differentiate tempered and laminated glass to quench your curiosity making it easy to shop for your windows and doors

Tempered Glass

Manufacturing process

Tempered glass is made during a toughening process which involves heating, high-pressure and chemical treatment which actually makes it a bit tougher than laminated glass. However, it can break and shatter by strong forces such as bullets and weapons. 


While tempered glass is strong, it can still shatter upon high impact forces. For this reason it’s best applied as safety glass or for shower and bathtub dividers and things of that nature. 

Price point

Tempered glass doesn’t require as much material in its strengthening process, so it has a lower price point than laminated glass. 

Laminated Glass

Manufacturing process

Laminated glass is a compacted glass structure that will stay intact and not shatter upon strong impact. It’s made up of bonded glass layers with resin or polyvinyl butyral (PVB) to hold the layers together. 


Because laminated glass can withstand such high impact without shattering, it’s best suited for your windows and doors to help protect your home from burglars or wind borne debris resulting from severe weather. 

Price point

Laminated glass does have a higher price point than tempered glass as it involves more materials, such as resin and several layers of glass, and it is a more elaborate process. 

Now that you know the difference between tempered and laminated glass, which one will you choose for your windows and doors? Click the button below to see all the ways you can customize your Eastern Architectural windows and doors.

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