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Top Energy Efficient Windows to Offer Your Customers!

Your customers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills...from unplugging electronics not in use to upgrading their thermostats and installations. 

Upgrading to higher performing, energy efficient windows and doors alone can drastically improve a home’s energy efficiency and its resale value. 

While there are several great energy efficient window brands and styles, not all are equipped with EAS’ additional perks, including:

  • The Good Housekeeping Seal 
  • ENERGY STAR Certified
  • Florida Product Approved 
  • HVHZ certified

Top Energy Efficient Windows

The following are Eastern Architectural Systems top energy efficient windows you should be offering your customers!

Double Hung Windows 1531/1541/2551/2561 Series

This EAS window series is the perfect pairing of protection and appearance.  It’s designed with a better thermal barrier than most other windows and a traditional appearance on the exterior, boosting your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal.


Bertha Single Hung Windows

EAS Bertha Single Hung Windows are built to withstand higher winds than other EAS single hung windows, which makes these a perfect option if your customer resides in a high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ). 


Bertha Picture Windows

Bertha Picture windows are designed to not only look beautiful, but our picture windows have a nearly impenetrable barrier to air and water, and a better thermal barrier than most other windows—12% thicker!


Fixed/Architectural Windows 1436/1446/2456/2466 Series

With a nearly impenetrable barrier to air and water, and a better thermal barrier than most other windows on the market, you can help make your customers’ vision a reality! 

EAS Fixed/Architectural Windows have a unique cove mold design. This window series gives your customers the design flexibility to create virtually any type of architectural window.


Bertha Horizontal Roller Windows

EAS Bertha Horizontal Roller Windows can withstand hurricane winds, have great curb appeal and are energy efficient. These windows are designed without sill screws for enhanced leak protection.

Bertha horizontal roller window

Which Energy Efficient Windows Will Your Customers Choose?

Your customers can easily boost their home’s energy efficiency to reduce their energy bills by replacing their outdated installations with high performance windows and doors. 

EAS manufactures a variety of energy efficient windows and doors to meet a variety of design and lifestyle needs with several additional benefits. Click the button below to access our Window and Door Shopping Guide to help your customers select the right windows that meet their design and lifestyle needs. 

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