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West Palm Window Condensation: Is It Normal?

West Palm Window CondensationAre you worrying about the seemingly harmless water droplets fogging up your glass windows and doors? Here’s how to tell if your West Palm window condensation is normal.

Your windows and sliding glass or French doors should ideally allow you to enjoy the outdoor view, but there are a few droplets of moisture that are getting in the way. Perhaps you’ve noticed this more often than you’d like to, and are wondering if West Palm window condensation is normal or if you should be concerned. 

Is West Palm Window Condensation Normal?

The short answer--it depends where the moisture droplets are forming. The long answer--there are three types of window and door condensation, including interior, exterior and between the glass panes. 

Normal Window Condensation

Before we dive into the long answer details, it’s important to understand that windows can’t generate condensation. Rather, vastly different indoor and outdoor temperatures, such as what might occur during the hottest summer months and coldest winter months, is often the culprit behind moisture build-up on your glass installations.

When it seems like your West Palm window condensation happens nearly 365 days a year, you may start to  wonder if your patio glass doors or windows have a defect. If it is warmer inside than outside, condensation may form on the inner glass layer. If it is warmer outside than inside, condensation may form on the outer glass layer. Luckily, there are several simple and quick fixes you can try to help reduce and prevent interior and exterior condensation, including:

  • Opening your windows to allow excess moisture to escape
  • Invest in a dehumidifier, such as Damprid
  • Balance your thermostat so it’s not drastically different than outside

Abnormal Window Condensation

There are several ways you can control, reduce and even prevent interior and exterior West Palm window condensation. However, when it comes to condensation forming between the glass panes, your window or door likely has a defect and will need to be replaced.  

Moisture build-up on your windows and doors can be a pesky recurrence. Just keep calm and remember that interior and exterior condensation is a temporary situation and can be easily remedied by upgrading to double pane glass installations among several other simple solutions we’ve mentioned.

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